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Work We Love

We used to call this section our recent work, but we're making videos at lightning speeds. Uploading all of our recent work would require a lot of time. Time that we'd rather spend working with you! So, here's a sampling of videos we're proud of. There's more where these came from!

  • Thomson Reuters: Everyday Heroes

    Thomson Reuters: Everyday Heroes

    Product Promo – Creative Video Production

  • John Grisham Contest

    John Grisham Contest

    A cinematic micro-movie teaser with the feel of a Grisham movie.

  • MotivAction Encore

    MotivAction Encore

    Animated Product Promo for MotivAction’s, Encore: a¬†global employee recognition program.

  • “Love of the Dogs”

    “Love of the Dogs”

    Sled dog mushing becomes a lifestyle for a woman who follows her passion and love of dogs.

  • Focus Energy

    Focus Energy

    Trade Show Product Branding video for WindLogics, featuring screenshots that highlight software products and the end user experience.

  • Together We Can

    Together We Can

    Storytelling on how a product moves throughout a large organization and the departments it touches.

  • Mounds View

    Mounds View

    Animated Marketing Videos     An illustrative look at what makes the Mounds View school district in Minnesota, […]

  • Small Business Tips

    Small Business Tips

    Communicate high level business basics through storytelling.

  • SuperLawyers


    Process Demo – Motion Graphics Video Production An infographic is brought to life with a motion graphics video. […]